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Producers, pickers, processors in the Cévennes


Espelida, which means blooming Occitan, is a small agro-ecological farm established since June 2013 in Pommiers, in the Gard Cévennes.
We are producers, pickers and processors of aromatic and medicinal plants. We produce essential oils, floral waters and 100% natural herbal cosmetics.


From planting to processing, we do everything ourselves

with respect for nature and organic farming.


We can tell you the story of each of our products!


From us to you

By minimising supply chains we sell as directly as possible to our clients.

Thus, by buying our products, you are making a responsible and supportive gesture and you are supporting ecological farming.

100% organic and natural

All our products are labeled Nature & Progrès and/or AB.

Our essential oils and floral waters are 100% pure and natural.

The list of ingredients that make up our cosmetics is reduced to a minimum because the simpler it is, the better it is for the skin but also for the planet!

No plastic

No overpacking with us and no plastic!


Glass containers because it's easy to recycle but also because it's an inert  material. There is no migration of chemicals between the packaging and the product it contains.

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