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Our floral waters come from plants grown on the farm or picked from the wild.

They are made from pesticide free plants, certified by Nature & Progrès and AB.

They are guaranteed 100% pure, natural and without preservatives.

They are packaged on the farm in our small laboratory, in blue glass bottles. 

Our floral waters are not by-products of distillation.

They are made with great care and are of high quality, concentrated and active so that you enjoy all their benefits.

  Floral waters 

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Floral water, also called hydrosol, is the water used to distil the plants. Floral waters contain aromas, trace elements and water-soluble active ingredients. They are gentle, effective and easy to use. Having few contraindications, they are perfect for sensitive people and the youngest. They can be used:

  • In cosmetics: as a facial cleansing lotion or as a beauty mask by adding it to clay

  • As a drink: by diluting 1 to 2 teaspoons in a glass of water (cold or lukewarm), lemonade or syrup, you will obtain a pleasant, sweet and fragrant drink.

  • In the kitchen to flavor your fruit salads, sauces and savory or sweet dishes. To test absolutely!

  • And finally in basic treatment on a cure of 25 days generally.

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